Best Large Breed Puppy Food: Review Guide for 2019

All dogs are descended from the Grey wolves of thousands of years ago, and there is one constant among all dog food nutrition. Pay close attention because this is one of the most important rules you will ever learn about large breed puppy food. Despite what you might have read or what any dog food [...]

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Best Dog Food for German Shepherd in 2019

A Look Back: Quick German Shepherd History Originating around 1891 Germany, The German Shepherd is an old breed, spanning over a century! These well known dogs were originally bred to assist in herding livestock and to offer the herd protection from predators. We will talk about dog food for German Shepherd below. These highly intelligent [...]

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German Shepherd Pregnancy – How Long and How Many Puppies

German Shepherds are very popular dogs today and they are often kept as service dogs, hunting dogs, police dogs and pets. Breeding a German Shepherd requires some special attention. Even for those who have experience in dog breeding in general, German Shepherd pregnancy may differ from other dogs in various ways. 1. How Long is [...]

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Best Dog Food for Poodles in 2019 – Review Guide

Let Your Poodle Thrive! Are you sure you’re feeding your pup the best dog food for Poodles? Every dog lover wants their furry loved ones to flourish, thriving off a top quality diet nature intended! Sadly, very few dog foods actually live up to these standards. Exactly how good is the food your dog is [...]

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Elevated Liver Enzymes in Dogs – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment‎‎

With the help of elevated liver enzymes in dogs, you could easily recognize the liver health of your dog. The enzymes level can be traced by taking blood from the dog and evaluate different enzymes like AST ALKP, GGT, and ALT. As a dog owner, you must be informed about all the basic information and [...]

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