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DHPP Vaccine for Dogs

Several viruses, parasites and other nasty critters exist out there that can hurt your pet. Unfortunately, Rabies is the only legal requirement in the United States (as it is the most deadly, with a 100% fatality rate for untreated humans as well as pets), but it certainly isn’t the only ailment to worry about.

Thankfully, biologists have put together a combination vaccine to help prevent some of the more common, yet potentially lethal, diseases. Called the DHPP vaccine, treatment is now very convenient!

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When Can Puppies Drink Water and Eat Dog Food: Best Dog Watering Review

Did you know young puppies don’t need to drink any water at all?

WHAT!!? That sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Every animal on earth needs to drink water in order to survive.

Still, young puppies don’t need water.

Read more, and find out exactly how this is possible below!

Believe it or not, a puppy won’t need anything besides the milk from its momma prior to weaning age, about 3-4 weeks.

The mother’s milk will give the pup not only all of the nutrition he needs to thrive but all of the hydration as well!

The mother dog will begin to wean her little ones off of her milk between 3-4 weeks.

Prior to that, the puppies shouldn’t be separated from their mothers.

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