DHPP Vaccine for Dogs

Several viruses, parasites and other nasty critters exist out there that can hurt your pet. Unfortunately, Rabies is the only legal requirement in the United States (as it is the most deadly, with a 100% fatality rate for untreated humans as well as pets), but it certainly isn’t the only ailment to worry about.

Thankfully, biologists have put together a combination vaccine to help prevent some of the more common, yet potentially lethal, diseases. Called the DHPP vaccine, treatment is now very convenient!

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Best Dog Pooper Scooper Review – Our Guide in 2019

It is a device used to pick up animal feces from public places and yards, particularly those of dogs. Pooper-scooper devices often have a bag or bag attachment.

With countless models and more designs than you can count out there, how will you choose the best dog pooper scooper for your cleanup tasks? What should you look for in your yard work tools? How long should this device for dogs last?

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Best Dog Treadmill – Our Reviews in 2019

Ensuring your pup finds enough exercise to maintain his or her prime fitness levels can be a bit challenging with today’s 9 hour work days and demanding college educations. We all want the best for our pets, but sometimes fulfilling exercise needs just isn’t possible for one person.

As an alternative to outdoor running, many people resort to treadmills. In fact, they can be found in nearly every single major gym in the country. Why not use the same treadmill for dogs?

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Best Dog Ear Cleaner – Our Review in 2019

Because they absolutely love to run around outdoors and roll in the dirt, dogs tend to get their ears pretty dirty sometimes. Since they were bred to track a scent close to the ground, dragging their longer ears, hound type breeds are especially susceptible! Thankfully, a dog ear cleaner is the perfect solution to this problem.

Today’s pet owners, breeders and veterinary clinics use specially designed cleaning wipes or materials meant specifically to clean your dog’s ears well, and are completely safe (unlike water, which should never be used inside a dog’s ear canal).

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