No Pull Dog Harness – How to Teach Dog to Stop Pulling on Leash

Leash pulling is probably one of the biggest problems dog owners have, sometimes making walks seem impossible. This is unfortunate, since many dogs are overweight due to lack of exercise. Thankfully, we now have many different types of dog harnesses that discourage pulling, making training much easier! Quick Links to Our Picks No-Choke No-Pull Front-Leading [...]

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DHPP Vaccine for Dogs: 2018 Review Guide

Several viruses, parasites and other nasty critters exist out there that can hurt your pet. Unfortunately, Rabies is the only legal requirement in the United States (as it is the most deadly, with a 100% fatality rate for untreated humans as well as pets), but it certainly isn’t the only ailment to worry about. Thankfully, [...]

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Best Dog Pooper Scooper Review Guide of 2018

It is a device used to pick up animal feces from public places and yards, particularly those of dogs. Pooper-scooper devices often have a bag or bag attachment. With countless models and more designs than you can count out there, how will you choose the best dog pooper scooper for your cleanup tasks? What should [...]

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2018 Best Dog Lice Treatment Review Guide

You’ve noticed your dog itching furiously lately. You can even see patches of bare skin, many coming complete with small scabs, where your fur-kids’ hair has begun to fall away. You might just have a lice problem on your hands. What are you going to do now? What Are Dog Lice? How Can I Get [...]

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Best Dog Treadmill Guide 2018

Ensuring your pup finds enough exercise to maintain his or her prime fitness levels can be a bit challenging with today’s 9 hour work days and demanding college educations. We all want the best for our pets, but sometimes fulfilling exercise needs just isn’t possible for one person. As an alternative to outdoor running, many [...]

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Best Dog Food for Shih Tzu – Guide in 2019

Proud and brave, who wouldn’t want that happy little lion by their side? As a fantastic companion bundled in a small package, your Shih Tzu will stick with you through thick and thin, loving you always. They will certainly give all they can to us, so why not provide your little fur-kid the best dog [...]

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Best Dog Ear Cleaner Review in 2019

Because they absolutely love to run around outdoors and roll in the dirt, dogs tend to get their ears pretty dirty sometimes. Since they were bred to track a scent close to the ground, dragging their longer ears, hound type breeds are especially susceptible! Thankfully, a dog ear cleaner is the perfect solution to this [...]

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